Welcome to A Bridge to AI

Building bridges to AI: Together we shape the future of work.

Welcome to AB2AI!

Our AB2AI community has a singular focus: a belief that the future of work is in our hands.

Learn how to integrate AI technologies while keeping the human touch front and center. Whether you're focusing on change management, optimizing operations, delivering projects, or developing talent, we've got you covered.

By coming together as a community, we inspire and prepare one another to usher in a future that contributes to innovative solutions, one that increasingly includes AI and automation. So, if you’re still figuring out where you'd like your career to be in the next 12 months—you’ve come to the right place.

This isn’t about any of us having all the answers. However, it is about us collectively coming up with ideas and solutions that make for meaningful, evolving and transformational careers. We believe that tech innovations can (and should) co-exist responsibly with humans in a new world of work.    

Join us and become part of a community where you determine the bridge to AI that you want to build!

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This path is for those who are absolutely ready to commit and who are ready to put some skin in the game. Our monthly membership subscription provides you with premium access to everything in our AB2AI community—resources, challenges, collabs, chats, events, and courses—all for a single monthly price

⭐️ Participate in our live events, on-demand courses, all-member challenges, and hackathons that unlock the full potential of impactful collaboration and provide you with insights and practical solutions for the workplace and your career as it relates to introducing, implementing, and engaging with others involved in AI initiatives and projects.

⭐️ Attend "Future of Work" Events in 2025. In these virtual meetups with thought leaders and people on the same path as our community member, we'll discuss the emerging trends and implications of AI and automation in the future workplace. Participating can amplify your insights into how to create sustainable and meaningful careers in the changing work landscape.

 Exclusive Member Offer 

⭐️ Participate in our 12-Week Accountability Mastermind Challenge (AMC). We're now accepting early bird sign-ups for this exclusive, groundfloor offer* for 25 AB2AI community members who are ready to reinvent, advance and transform their careers in an evolving workplace. Whether you're focusing on change management, optimizing operations, delivering projects, or developing talent, over the next 12 weeks, we will explore strategies to harness the capabilities of AI and automation while prioritizing the people side of tech. 

You'll find details inside the community about what you can expect during our 12 weeks together and where members can sign-up for early bird pricing (before September 15).   

  • Launch date Friday, Oct 18, 2024 (10am PT)
  • Launch date Tuesday, Nov 12, 2024 (10am PT)

*Prices for AMC will increase in 2025.  


Our other path is for those who are still exploring. Begin your journey by participating in our 7-day Adaptability Challenge where you'll have an opportunity to practice using AI tools as you "try on" six different adaptability styles (while having a bit of fun along the way!). You will continue to have access to our premium spaces for 14-days.    

Please note: trial access excludes premium content, such as courses, which are only available to community members. You are welcome to join special events for a fee during your 14-day trial. 

Meet Your Community Leader

Hello, I’m Dee McCrorey. For decades I’ve been involved in the world of high-tech, always with a passion for responsible innovation. In this next phase of my professional life, I’m keenly aware that technology must continue to serve society's needs, not just the needs of tech companies.

I believe that trust between humans and AI will be the inflection point of our time. As an author and founder of Risktaking for Success, a boutique consulting business that partners with company leaders and organizations on leveling the innovation playing field, as a change strategist and practitioner, I continue to specialize in the people side of advancing technology.

As the world races toward AI technologies and automation, I believe it’s the right time to provide career professionals with the means for bridging AI for the workplace of the future.  

The future is exciting and full of possibilities! And I believe that the future belongs to those who embrace the changes introduced by AI and automation—opportunities for professional growth and creativity are nearly limitless. Through our AB2AI community, I will invest my time and experience in building a bridge between humans and AI, creating a future where both can thrive.


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