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Building bridges to AI: Together we shape the future of work.

Welcome to AB2AI!

We bring together workforce warriors preparing to usher in the future of work to brainstorm new ideas, collaborate with like-minded peers, and inspire each other to take action as we build bridges to AI. We still have time to get in front of the AI and automation curve to create meaningful careers for this new world of work. Technology innovations can co-exist with the dignity of human work.  

Join us and become part of a community that believes the future of work is in our hands!

 The Results You'll Get

Our community membership is pretty special. We’re focused on the ways it will make a huge difference in your life.

But we also understand how busy life can be, making it tough to find time for new challenges. A Bridge to AI was created with flexibility and accessibility in mind so career professionals curious about artificial intelligence or those ready to apply what they learn can engage with like-minded members, achieve their goals, and thrive.

⭐️ Participate in our live events, on-demand courses, challenges and hackathons that unlock the full potential of impactful collaboration and provide you with insights and practical solutions for the workplace and your career as it relates to introducing, implementing, and engaging with others involved in AI initiatives and projects. 

⭐️ Access AB2AI podcast for members offering you a variety of ways to connect the AI dots followed by discussions that build upon the themes of these bite-sized episodes. 

⭐️ Participate in AB2AI Accountability Mastermind Groups (optional, additional feewhere 8-12 members meet to laser focus on specific business and professional challenges. After 12 weeks of holding one another to account, masterminders build trust with their team members while producing a “finished project”. Examples might include a career reinvention that "opens space" for including AI and automation, strategies for AI workplace transformation, or a plan for implementing AI responsibly within their organization. Coming June 2024.

⭐️ Attend the "Future of Work" Events (coming fall 2024): In these virtual meet-ups, influential speakers and thought leaders discuss the emerging trends and implications of AI and automation in the future workplace. Participating can amplify your insights into how to create sustainable and meaningful careers in the changing work landscape.

    • Think Tank – Conversations between members about what's on their radars. What in the news has sparked their curiosity about technology and science, in general, and artificial intelligence and automation in particular.        
    • The AI Impact Collab – Navigating the uncharted waters of emerging AI? Collaborate with like-minded members brainstorming real-world scenarios and exploring innovative solutions. Organic collaborations and exercises draw from the collective intelligence of our community and aids your understanding of how AI can be maximally utilized. Includes AI Trends Watch a monthly members-only event.  
  2.  CHAT CHANNELS  including our newest members-only forum on the Politics of AI, a safe space for sharing thoughts, articles, and posts about the political side of AI. Companies, consumers, and users alike will be impacted in how the politics of AI play out in our states and in our countries.   
  3.  NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS  important announcements about the community, member highlights and featured posts.
  4.  KNOWLEDGE VAULT  community members share book titles, articles, podcasts, videos, newsletters, white papers, case studies, and courses that expand our knowledge and insights about AI technologies and related topics. 

Meet Your Community Host

Dee McCrorey has a passion for responsible innovation. She also believes that trust between humans and AI will be the inflection point of our time. As an author and change consultant specializing in the people side of advanced technology adoption, Dee believes it is time to add her experience and voice to the responsible innovation movement as the world races towards AI technologies.

As someone who has worked in the high-tech industry for decades, Dee is keenly aware that technology must serve society's needs, not just the needs of tech companies. Her members-only podcast offers commentary that connects the AI dots but without the fluff, helping her listeners navigate the promises, perils, and political drama of the next technology leap. 
Dee launched her community for the "workforce warriors" keen to build their own bridges to AI—one plank at a time. She wants to see career professionals seize this moment—the inflection point of our time—and imagine a future workplace that they help shape as we prepare for the wider adoption of AI and automation.
For Dee, the future is exciting and full of possibilities. She believes that if career professionals embrace the changes brought by AI and automation, the opportunities for growth and creativity are nearly limitless. Through her podcast and community, she hopes to help build a bridge between humans and AI, creating a future where both can thrive.

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